Why Do You Cry During Your Pregnancy?

A Woman Crying During Her Pregnancy Period.

The prime trademark of the pregnancy is the hormonal shifts. Few women get emotional even for the slightest thing. They are very vulnerable to emotions. The emotions may range from extreme sadness to happiness. So, if you or find someone becoming emotional even for a small thing like spilling milk, then worry not. This is the regular normal which one may get used to during the pregnancy period.

What causes crying during the pregnancy period?

If you belong to the emotional category, then you will find yourself crying more during your pregnancy. Pregnancy makes any person go emotional and that is applicable even for the rarely-shed-person.

Emotion is part of the pregnancy. It is the normal thing where pregnant women are seen getting emotional for every minute thing. Few women are seen crying more during the first trimester, whereas, few experiences during the second and the third trimesters. The reason can be related to the physical and internal changes a woman goes through during those periods. Stress and frustration are very common and so it leads to crying often.

Even the thought of taking care of the newborn and managing finance will make you cry even though you may be fully prepared. It is the uneasiness feeling of insecurity that makes you cry.

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When is crying considered a threat?

Though crying is normal during pregnancy, one must take note of the emotions as well. If you find yourself or your loved ones crying continuously, there may be more problems with it. It could be a serious mental health problem like depression.

It becomes very difficult to differentiate between normal crying and depression. Normal pregnancy crying will not have any other side effects. But depression will bring many problems with it. One with depression will also experience other symptoms which include,

  • Appetite loss
  • Less to no concentration
  • No interest in any activities
  • Worthlessness feeling
  • Gilt feeling
  • Sleeping too little or too much
  • Thoughts of self-harming and more.

A Woman Crying During Her Pregnancy Time.

These are just a few of the common depression symptoms. Sometimes, depression gets resolved by itself and just acts as a pregnancy phase. But if your symptoms extend for more than two weeks, consult your doctor immediately.

Will crying affect the unborn baby?

The normal pregnancy crying will have no impact on the baby. But if it is because of depression, there are high chances of negativity to the baby.

It has been proved that mental health problems like depression and anxiety affect the unborn baby which would lead to low birth weight and preterm birth.it will not just end with that, but the baby will also be affected physically or internally.

Do not blame yourself if you have depression. It can be treated with the help of your loved ones and of course your doctor.

How crying can be treated during pregnancy?

Since one cannot control the hormonal shifts, it can at least be taken care of. The following are a few tips to beat the pregnancy crying.

  • Sleep tight – If you have been sleeping less lately, it’s time to increase your nap time. Sleep at least for 7 to 9 hrs and you will see the changes for yourself.
  • Be active – Consult your doctor for easy exercises. It will not only keep you occupied but also will be physically healthy. A mall walk or yoga class can impact positively your pregnancy.
  • Chat with other moms – Getting support from your friends or new moms will help you increase your confidence. You will find solutions for your problems and you will also have a great support system.

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