Reasons for Hair Loss

Are you frustrated and jarred because of your hair loss? It sure is a bad feeling when one experiences hair loss and the worst part is when one does not know the right solution. So, if you find yourself plucking hair from the brush or cleaning your bathroom full of hair by unclogging the

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Loss in Women

Most women who are experiencing hair loss suffer silently. They change their hairstyle or trim their hair to hide the patches or thinning. When you show extra care and attention immediately after noticing hair loss, you can see a lot of positive results. When you keep delaying or neglect the hair loss issue, it

Why are facial scrubs good for your skin?

Facial scrubs play an important part in your regular skincare routine. In previous years, facial scrubs were not recommended or suggested since they were too abrasive or harsh for the skin. But after the launch of gentle scrubs in the market, it has been recommended to people with various skin types. How to check whether

Treating Skin Conditions

Our skin is not just an outer envelope that wraps cells and tissues inside but part of our body that extends to present itself to the outside world. Be it from bacteria, fungi, viruses, or humans, our skin’s duty is to protect, prevent and pertain. As a rule of thumb, take care of your

Expert Dermatologists To Reckon With

What is Dermatology Dermatology is the branch of science that deals with study of skin, hair and nails. A dermatologist is a specialist in the field of dermatology. They are doctors who diagnose and treat diseases related to skin, nails and hair. Dermatologists also take care of cosmetic issues related to skin and hair. There

Simple Tips From Expert Dermatologists

Skin Care Routine Anywhere Anytime Dermatologists have good experience and knowledge in skin care routine. They specifically follow certain thumb rules to keep their skin healthy and glowing. They have some very interesting effective and practical tips that can be followed. Skin care is a must if you want to maintain good healthy skin at

Skin Pigmentation, Causes and Treatments

What Is Pigmentation And Its Causes Skin pigmentation is a disorder that causes coloring of the skin. The coloring may be seen in just certain parts of the body or the entire skin. Melanin is the pigment made of skin cells. We get our skin color from melanin. Pigmentation causes a certain area of pigment

Tips for managing hair loss

When experiencing hair loss, most people do not know whom to approach for assistance. So, they mostly: Take vitamins or other supplements sold particularly for hair growth Purchase products that promise to restore hair Try to cover the issue by changing the hairstyle If you are experiencing hair loss, here are some of the expert

Know about different kinds of dermatologists

Generally, dermatologists focus on skin treatment and care. There are different kinds of dermatologists and the five main kinds of dermatologists are cosmetic dermatologists, immunodermatologists, pediatric dermatologists, surgical dermatologists, and dermatopathologists. Let us discuss each dermatologist in detail in this blog. Dermatopathologists and their specialty Dermatopathologists are experienced in determining the cause or reason for various

What is meant by dermatology? Who is a dermatologist?

If you are experiencing any kind of skin issue, you should fix an appointment and meet the dermatologist. He/she is also a medical expert but suggests treatment for skin problems. Dermatology is the medical term used for mentioning the treatment and diagnosis of nails, hair and skin diseases. Dermatology involves however not restricted to

Does Money mean good skin?

As human psychology goes, The pricier, the better, might not be right with every product in the market though. In an era when you spend extra bling for the same useless items is considered a luxury, this is a difficult idea to digest. Especially with huge investments that the advertising sector is doing into

How To Become More Photogenic?

You might have always wondered why we look better in the mirror and not as well in a photograph, while selfies seem to be much better? The mirror effect on the selfie camera shows us our face exactly how we know, from our seeing on the mirror. Now a photograph is how every other