Physiotherapy And Its Importance

Who Is A Physiotherapist Physiotherapist is a person who apply the science of movement to maintain, restore the mobility of the human body. Physiotherapists help patients well being and function through physical rehabilitation, fitness, injury prevention and health. Physiotherapists involve the patient in their own recovery. Physiotherapists are experts who can identify injury and its

Safety and Security measures at hospitals

Hospitals are the place; people believe they would be safe no more matter what. After all, when they are committed to protecting the life of patients, providing a safe and secure environment for patients and others would be the top priority for health care services. Apart from safety, security is yet another aspect hospitals

All about the Maternity Health Insurance

Motherhood is one of the important phases in every women’s life. Every woman wishes to be a mom since it completes her. But the journey of being a mother is not smooth. She has to cross numerous hurdles all through life. Therefore, a health insurance policy providing complete maternity coverage is mandatory for a

Fruits to eat during pregnancy

Most pregnant women feel confused about which fruit to eat during pregnancy. It is important to watch their diet as it plays an important role in the development and growth of the fetus. A nutritious diet is important for the overall health of the individual and assists in better functionality of the body and

Why Do You Cry During Your Pregnancy?

The prime trademark of the pregnancy is the hormonal shifts. Few women get emotional even for the slightest thing. They are very vulnerable to emotions. The emotions may range from extreme sadness to happiness. So, if you or find someone becoming emotional even for a small thing like spilling milk, then worry not. This

Types of Physical Exercises To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Today people are involved in more of monotonous work which does not involve any physical movements. This makes their body less flexible. People who sit for long hours are mainly affected by pain in various parts of the body. Chronic lower body pain is common for people all over the world. This pain can

Eating Healthy Food After Delivery

Women undergo several changes in their body during and after pregnancy. Women generally do not eat nutritious food as they concentrate more on the baby. It is common that most of the women completely ignore their own health as they are busy on other works. This can lead to several deficiencies and health problems.