Healing Methods For Back Pain That Comes With Age

Essential remedies to alleviate back pain related to old age Aches all over the body are quite normal when your body starts to age, and spines are the worst affected that give rise to acute back pains. The spine vertebrae that stretches from the neck to the tail bones suffer degeneration in most of them

Work From Home And Ways To Reduce Back Pains

Prolonged sitting hours before computers The new standard of working from home due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns has also brought upon further chronic suffering- the back pain. While you cannot compromise on your work, there are certainly ways to prevent back pains from occurring due to prolonged sitting hours before computers. Apart from

What is the duration of the physical therapy program?

Most patients who underwent physical therapy have this question in mind- How long should I continue physical therapy? It is not possible to give a general answer to this question. Every individual is unique. Several factors play an important part in determining the duration of physical therapy and your overall prognosis. The duration to attend