Our Business Partners

Wellness Partner

Riverday Spa has been our wellness partner for some time now. For us, they are the escape we need from the vicissitudes of daily life. Established in Chennai and four other cities in Tamil Nadu, they are the best selection for an Ayurveda Spa. As experts in the field of massage therapies, they have been the perfect outlet for stress and anxiety after a long day of work. We say they are the best in the field because we haven’t found another wellness centre with the same amount of know-how, experience, and skill. They are what we like to call uniquely qualified to de-stress.

Three Blue Wavy Lines with a beautiful yellow flower that depicts the Spa Text inside the Black Circle, The Riverday Spa's Logo, Text Mentioned.

Conference Room set with automation systems for a meeting at Sridevi Hopsitals.

Technology Partner

It took us a long time to find a technology partner who could not only take care of all our technical requirements but aesthetics too. For years, we struggled for a conference room automation system that could do exactly what we wished for. Delfin, finally, came to us as a godsend answer. They transformed our outdated meeting room into modern business heaven that has one-touch control to dim the lights and automated blinds. For us, they would be the ideal pick for any company searching for conference room solutions. We trust them to make any business more efficient.

Catering Partner

We began partnering with NSB Catering, and they have been with us throughout our journey and continue to do so. They provide nutritious and healthy food to the hospital staff. They also provide diet food to the patients as per the instructions from medical professionals. Not only do they have a variety of cuisines, but they add in flavour and nutrition factor to it. The most important factor of NSB Catering is that they maintain high hygiene levels which is very basic, specially when it comes to hospital.

Fresh fruits and vegetables placed in a basket by catering services for preparing food.

A Rectangular Box In White And Red Shades, The Nantech Power System Priavte System's Logo, Text And ISI Certified Company Mentioned.

Power Backup Partner

We had heard of Nantech Power Systems Pvt Ltd from Chennai as the most responsible manufacturers and suppliers of UPS while starting our business. But we choose to get a power backup on our own because of a financial crunch. But when one issue snowballed into 10, we called in Nantech. To our amazement, in a short time, they were able to resolve all problems and leave us with a power supply more robust than before. To top it off, Nantech ensured that our budget limits were maintained. Since that day, they have been our backup partners.

Design Partner

We required a well-equipped team of technical architects and interior designers who had diverse knowledge of hospitality sector. After consulting with a few peers, one name kept cropping up again and again – Dwellion. We decided to give them a try. From our very first meeting, we knew that they were our interior architecture partners. They not only designed and decorated our F&B restaurant, but they also did with panache. Known as the leading architects in Chennai with a number of awards under their belt, they truly are the best of the best.

Beuatiful interiors of the hospital with bright green yellow and blue colours done by Architects In Chennai.