Sridevi Hospital was founded on the creed of providing the best medical care and information to all people. To this end, we have worked consistently. On this website, you will find everything you need to know about a medical centre along with a wealth of health-related information.

SD Hospital began its journey a few years back with extensive infrastructure and human resource. From car parking, convenient for all, to consulting rooms with state of the art technology, the medical centre left no stone unturned to build the most prominent hospital. From our nurses to our doctors, every human who works with us is highly qualified and experienced. We religiously work to improve our services to all our patients. To fulfill this goal, we train our employees at regular intervals and update our technology.

We also aim to enable our patients in finding health-related information easily and quickly. It is why we have made a user-friendly website that allows access to all topics with a click of a button. Just some of the issues that we cover on this site are maternity care, prenatal care, health insurance, dermatology, and physiotherapy. The objective is to give clear, concise and easy to comprehend information to a layperson.

We want to make health care a subject each person gets invested in. We want to make taking care of your health as easy as learning to ride a cycle.  We hope the information and services we provide at Sridevi Hospital bring you a long and healthy life.