Things To Expect In The First Trimester of Pregnancy

A Woman Feels Vomiting Sensation During Her First Trimester of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a challenging yet most excited period of all women who are expecting a baby. The first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy. It is the most important period as several changes take place in your body. The hormones in your make your body to respond in weird ways during your pregnancy. There are some common symptoms that you might experience in the first trimester of your pregnancy. Being aware of the first trimester and its effects both physically and psychologically can help you to face the first three months of pregnancy with confidence. The following article talks about the various changes to expect in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Physical Changes

There are several changes that you might experience in your body when you get conceived. The first symptom of all pregnancy is a missed period. The following are the other physical changes that you might encounter in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Changes in Breast: Women may experience soreness of breast and also can feel that their breast is swollen during the initial few weeks of pregnancy. These symptoms may occur even before your pregnancy is confirmed. These changes occur due to the hormonal changes in your body as it gets prepared for the growth of the embryo.

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Nausea or Vomiting: Morning sickness would be experienced by pregnant women from their fourth week of pregnancy. Morning sickness can lead to vomiting and sensitivity to a certain smell. This is due to high levels of hormones in the body. These changes would gradually subside in the upcoming weeks.

Frequent Urination: During the initial weeks of pregnancy you might have felt that you rush to the restroom frequently. This is due to the increase in the flow of blood thus extra fluid gets collected in your bladder. Thus you urinate for more number of times throughout your first trimester.

A Pregnant Woman Suffers By A Severe Headache.

Tiredness: You may feel tired and fatigue during the first few weeks of your pregnancy. This is due to the elevated levels of progesterone hormone which is responsible for the conception.

Food Cravings: In their first trimester women experience different food cravings. This is also attributed to the hormonal changes.

Heartburn and Constipation: Due to the reactions of pregnancy hormones the stomach acid leaks to the oesophagus and this results in heartburn in the first few weeks of pregnancy. The movement of food in the digestive system slows down due to higher levels of progesterone hormone during pregnancy. This can result in constipation.

Psychological Changes

There are several psychological changes that every pregnant woman experience in their initial weeks of pregnancy. Mood swings are common for women in their first trimester they feel excited and depressed for no reason. Women also feel irritated in the first few weeks of pregnancy. They also feel emotionally stressed as they experience several changes in their body. They feel anxious, excited and dominated with mixed emotions.

There are several reasons that make you feel anxious during your pregnancy. Your financial status, physical health and expectation on parenthood makes you feel stressed and depressed.

Tips To Manage The First Trimester of Pregnancy

Nausea can be managed by eating food at small amounts at regular intervals. Avoid being on an empty stomach to avoid vomiting sensation. Keep your body hydrated and avoid food rich in fat. Eat a balanced diet to get rid of fatigue. Include food rich in fibre so that you can manage constipation easily. Take your prenatal supplements with the advice of your doctor.

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