Women And Maternity Care

A Gynocologist Checks A Pregnant Woman.

Getting In Terms With Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important period in a woman’s life. Physically and emotionally there will be a lot of changes they will have to accustom to during this period. Prenatal care is very important to have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Women’s health after pregnancy and the health of the newborn is vital for the family and society at large. A woman should begin their pre-pregnancy care before she plans for a pregnancy. Healthy women will get a healthy foetus that will end in a healthy pregnancy.

Good care should be taken to increase folic acid and vitamin B in their diet. Medical conditions like diabetes, mental health issues like depression and anxiety should be brought under control. Maintain a healthy weight and quit smoking, drinking and using drugs. With such proactive steps, women can reduce any kind of complications during their pregnancy. In case of any medical condition, ensure the drugs you take are safe for pregnancy. This includes dietary and herbal supplements as well. You need to consult a health care provider immediately once you suspect pregnancy.

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Maternity Care For A Healthy Pregnancy

A lot of care should be taken while you are pregnant. If your doctor confirms that there are no complications, that is a good sign, but don’t take things too easy. From choosing the right health care provider to understanding the maternity care rights everything matters. Analyse what you need to be safe and healthy and ensure that is communicated and implemented. Take charge of your health. Eat well, stay active and be fit. It is important to limit your stress and take rest. Understand your bodily requirements and act accordingly. Have a good support system to cope with emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy.

Make informed decisions on the care you need during the pregnancy. There are different phases in your pregnancy and each phase require care. Women may not have all the information required to tackle each phase. In such cases you can approach a maternity care provider who can support care by meeting the required standards. It is important that the women consent to these procedures and the care given by the caregivers. Most of these can be handled legally by the health care providers. You and maternity care providers can work together without disrupting the natural process of pregnancy.

A Bowl Having Green Veggies In A Blur Background of Pregnant Woman.

There is nothing to be taught to the mother and child about pregnancy and childbirth. Things happen in its natural flow and that is the best way to tackle this life changing phenomenon. Your birth hormones are your best guide and listen to it keenly. Your birth hormones will get your body ready for labor. It also gives you enough strength you need to wait until labour to give birth. It not just prepares you but also the baby as well. Hormones bond the mother and child, prepares mother for breastfeeding and the baby to breastfeed.

Avoid These For A Safe Pregnancy

One must take care that you don’t disrupt the natural process of childbirth. The expectant mother should wait for labor to give birth. Do not try to induce labor by using medications. This could complicate the health of you and your child. It is particularly harmful when the labor doesn’t happen and you end up going through a C section. Labor is a painful process and it is the same for all the women. It is particularly important that you do not depend on pain relievers like epidural analgesia. This will increase the risk of high blood pressure, long labor and difficulty in pushing the baby.

Do not go through any kind of interventions by taking any medication. Also, one must be careful not to create opportunity for any kind of infection. This will have an undesirable effect on your baby and your health. It is advisable not to take any synthetic oxytocin medicine to make the process of Labor faster. This could interfere with the birth hormones that naturally take care of labor and birth. This could lead to complications and makes it harder for you to push the baby. Such practices will fail once confidence in our health.

It is always important that you refuse such interventions during childbirth. You need to be careful in choosing health care providers who believe in the natural process. They must have low rates of using common interventions. Be aware of the effects of such interventions to your health and the child birth. Discuss with your health care provider and insist that you know everything about the procedure and the side effects. Find if there are alternative less invasive procedures without medication. You have the sole right to accept or reject any tests, procedures or drugs. Your choices need to be honored.

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