Types of Physical Exercises To Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain

Today people are involved in more of monotonous work which does not involve any physical movements. This makes their body less flexible. People who sit for long hours are mainly affected by pain in various parts of the body. Chronic lower body pain is common for people all over the world. This pain can be a serious issue for people who are less prone to physical work. Exercise can be a great physical activity for people with chronic body aches. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can help to get rid of lower back pain. Physical therapy offered by trained physical therapists can help to treat lower back pain. The following are some of the important physical exercises to be practised regularly to get relieved from lower back pain.

Cat and Cow Pose-Stretches Your Back

In this exercise first, you must lie on your legs and hands like a cow. Now gradually move your spine upward and outward facing the ceiling. You must continue this until the neck is stretched. Continue the same inward and downward until the lower back is stretched. This exercises can be repeated for ten times for best results.

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Cobra Stretch Can Help

You lie like a cobra in this stretch with your hands placed on the sides of the chest. The feet are pressed on the floor and offer some pressure to your hands so that you can move your upper body in the upward direction. Make sure to hold on to the above pose for few seconds.

Bridges-Strengthens Your Back

This is the perfect floor exercise for strengthening your lower back. The first step is to lie on the floor using your back. The hands must be rested on the sides. Now lift your hip upwards. See that the head and the knees are along the straight line. This exercise can be repeated after lowering your body.

Prone Leg Lifts

This is a type of exercise which is similar to cobra stretch. In this stretch, the upper body is kept fixed. The legs are placed close to each other and are stretched by raising them as much as possible. Try to remain in this position for a few minutes and then relax your legs

Leg Stretches

In this stretch, you must lie on your back with the knees placed upward and the feet placed flat on the ground. Lift one of your legs upward and create a loop around your leg with a band or a towel. This would help to move your foot towards your chest by keeping it straight. This must be done to offer some stretches to your hamstrings.

Side Twists

People who are suffering from lowering back pain can very well try this exercise. You must lie on your back by placing the hands stretched on the sides. The knees are bend on one direction and the body is twisted on the other side. Continue this like a wringing motion.

Child’s Pose

This is a simple stretching exercise which offers excellent flexibility to your lower back. You must kneel on the floor and sit on your heels. Now bend your body forward with hands extended backwards. Now try to touch the floor with your head. This can be a great relief for lower back ache.

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