Does Money mean good skin?

A Woman Skin Treats With Multiple Surgical Instruments.

As human psychology goes, “The pricier, the better”, might not be right with every product in the market though. In an era when you spend extra bling for the same useless items is considered a luxury, this is a difficult idea to digest. Especially with huge investments that the advertising sector is doing into people’s brains making them go zombie-shopping. Ever so more impossible in a mass driven around with the thought that being fair and spotless is a measure of one’s beauty.

What the corporate giants have achieved is the reverse evolution of humanity. We get tricked into focusing on lesser things rather than impending matters that matter our survival per se. Spending large amounts of money on products valued one-tenth is like a foolish gamble. The brands have pushed the envelope of marketing by going beyond and listing out the constituents as “highly useful” rather than crudely saying it is gelatin or collagen. Now, we could agree that it is hard, to tell the truth that it is pig-skin-fat that goes in these products that go on your skin.

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Save your money!

It is high time you give it a thought about spending extra on things that do not add any value and at times, do more harm than good. Coldwater, steam, fruit peels, vegetable extracts, natural oils, sand, all are significant elements of nature that add beauty without any harmful effects. We should resort to any or all of these over paying to people who do nothing but rebrand and advertise the same old wine in a newer bottle.

A lot of people are employed in the skincare industry. Researchers, scholars, analysts, testing scientists, all of them have this duty to bring improvement to our skins, and they are doing the best they can. But the truth might come boiling down on a different rhetorical question: Do we need it?

Various Skin Care Products Placed On The Table.

Is the Skincare Industry Actually Making Breakthroughs?

Well, women are the majority of skincare products’ consumers driven by the notion that beauty declines by old age and that is the right weak point where the companies tap. Marketing remedies to lower our fears have been a tried, tested and proven strategy in the advertising sector since time immemorial.

There are anti-wrinkle creams, under-eye creams, eyeliners from super-luxe brands that have price tags built above their company rooftops rather than at the stores they sell. Spending that extra for the same purpose is what drives them to bring in more and more unworthy products into the market. It goes without saying that the clinical trials and amount of time and research put in to develop a product must have results.


Luxurious products give the mental satisfaction that half of the problems are over, but think over it. Looking dashing is reaffirming, but getting bankrupt for it is not. When missions to outer space commenced, it was a highly expensive affair until sending satellites and probes became a regular thing. We had to come up with low-cost alternatives, and yes, space scientists have! Your move now, skincare people.

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