Know about different kinds of dermatologists

A Dermatologist Checking A Woman's Scar On Her Hand With A Micro Device.

Generally, dermatologists focus on skin treatment and care. There are different kinds of dermatologists and the five main kinds of dermatologists are cosmetic dermatologists, immunodermatologists, pediatric dermatologists, surgical dermatologists, and dermatopathologists. Let us discuss each dermatologist in detail in this blog.

Dermatopathologists and their specialty

Dermatopathologists are experienced in determining the cause or reason for various kinds of skin diseases. They will be well trained in pathology and obtain regular tissue and skin samples of patients from dermatologists. After obtaining the sample, they will check to utilize a microscope before doing certain tests to determine the exact issue of the skin. They mostly do not directly work with patients. They function in laboratories. They mostly involve in research and testing. They play an important part in the field of dermatology.

What is meant by immunodermatologists and what is their specialty?

They are experienced in determining how the immunity system works together with the skin. Certain skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis are associated with the immune system and thus immunodermatologists examine the reason for these skin conditions. They also function in laboratory settings, do experiments to determine how the skin and immune system respond to several substances. Their work is very important but most people do not much about their work in the field.

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What is meant by pediatric dermatologists and what is their specialty?

Just from the name, you can easily get an idea that pediatric dermatologists are trained to treat children who are experiencing skin problems. Children respond uniquely to particular treatment types and it is the reason you need to take them specifically to skin dermatologists instead of general dermatologists. Children need extra care and attention and it can be obtained from pediatric dermatologists. They offer treatment for several skin conditions like hives, warts, birthmarks, acne, and allergic reactions.

A Small Kid And Her Mother While Visiting A Dermatologist.

What is meant by cosmetic dermatologists and what is their specialty?

Cosmetic dermatologists are well-known physicians in the dermatology field. They are experienced in various tasks focused on aesthetics like skin tightening using certain injections, treating severe acne cases, laser hair removal treatments, etc. In some cases, cosmetic dermatologists perform surgery to reduce the eruption of scars. It is a broad field and cosmetic dermatologists usually specialize in particular areas like hair removal or skin rejuvenation. If in case, the patient is experiencing serious skin conditions like skin cancer, cosmetic dermatologists work along with dermatopathologists to determine the exact skin issue.

What is meant by surgical dermatologists and what is their specialty?

Surgical dermatologists are also referred to as procedural dermatologists. Dermatologists get assistance from surgical dermatologists when the prescribed medications fail to cure the skin condition. Surgical techniques like non-invasive and invasive are the available options in such circumstances. Their role is almost like cosmetic dermatologists as they perform procedures like hairline restructuring and facelifts. However, they do not handle cosmetic related procedures. They will also be licensed and hold necessary equipment to perform a procedure like the Mohs surgery to eliminate cancerous cells, excision of lesions, skin flaps, and grafts among others.

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