Why are facial scrubs good for your skin?

A Woman Applies Facial Cream On Her Face.

Facial scrubs play an important part in your regular skincare routine. In previous years, facial scrubs were not recommended or suggested since they were too abrasive or harsh for the skin. But after the launch of gentle scrubs in the market, it has been recommended to people with various skin types.

How to check whether it is a gentle scrub?

The gentleness of the scrub cannot be evaluated by just reading the ingredients label. Some ingredients will look mild but it will not be as you expected. The particle shape, size should be round. You need to see how particles added in the scrub are finely milled and also the cut’s quality. You have to try by scrubbing on the backside of your hand. If you are feeling it scratchy, it is recommended to avoid using it on the body or face. It is best to purchase brands that manufacture only by using well-formulated products.

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Let us discuss some common myths and facts about face scrubs.

Myth: All kinds of face scrubs result in skin damage though you use it carefully.

Fact: If you are using a face scrub that has irregularly shaped, large particles, it can easily damage as large particles micro tear the surface of your skin. Some of the common culprits are volcanic rock, fruit pits or ground up shells. The micro tear can weaken the barrier of your skin and makes the skin prone to flaky, dry patches, signs of sensitivity and redness. When you are using such scrubs daily, the skin will lose its capacity to recover itself and fails to look healthy. The problem will be worse when the abrasive scrub comes with irritating fragrance, be it synthetic or natural. It is recommended to use fragrance-free, gentle scrub as it does not hurt your skin.

Myth: Scrubs can remove the blackheads entirely.

Fact: Do you think that it is easy to remove the blackheads by just using a face scrub? Blackheads are developed deep within the pore where even the premium face scrubs cannot reach. When you use face scrubs for blackheads, you need to know that it can help in removing only the topmost visible part of the blemish. However, it will come back after some time. Just imagine it like a lawnmower to clear weeds. It clears only the visible upper part of the weed and does not clear till the root.

Myth: Scrubs helps in eliminating acne.

Fact: It is not possible to clear acne with just a face scrub. You have to treat acne by using products recommended by your dermatologist. When you scrub or harsh scrub your face, it has chances to trigger more irritation and redness and does not do any good to your skin.

We recommend using a gentle scrub as part of your anti-acne routine for extra cleansing. Do not give too much pressure while washing with scrub. You should also use acne-fighting products or creams to keep the problem under control.

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