How To Become More Photogenic?

A Woman Holding Her Smart Phone For Taking A Selfie.

You might have always wondered why we look better in the mirror and not as well in a photograph, while selfies seem to be much better? The mirror effect on the selfie camera shows us our face exactly how we know, from our seeing on the mirror. Now a photograph is how every other person sees you, and it might not be the way you remember seeing yourself.

A model gets guided with a lot of help from photographers, cinematographers and other crew in giving that stunning pose. It is not hard once you break it down and follow stepwise. With a bit of research, you could be posing for the best photographs ever and with minimal or no deletions and retakes! Don’t trust it yet? Read on to find out how to hack your way in becoming more photogenic.

Get Comfortable Being Around A Camera

The most crucial step of becoming photogenic is to get comfortable being around a camera. Treat the camera as a part of your surrounding and don’t think of the outcomes it brings. Practice in front of a camera with a self-timer or in front of a mirror. Give eye contact to the camera as if it were your close friend rather than thinking of it as an inanimate object.

Find out the best angles of your face that highlights details. Our faces may appear symmetric, but the left and right halves of our face aren’t the same. Hence pick on your dominant side and try to face the camera that way. The angles do matter, keeping the camera lens at neck level gives the best perspective of the face and body language. Research has shown that when a photo gets composed following the rule of thirds, it becomes more applaudable naturally.

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Be Prepared While Not Being Prepared

Always be ready for your best shot. Keep makeup minimal, subtle and consistent throughout all your photos so that people do recognize you otherwise as well! Add highlights with gentle eyeliners and lipstick to make your face stand out from the background. As a rule of thumb, many photographers ask their models to look at the bottom of the lens. And then lift only their eyes towards the centre of the lens. When done consciously, the eyes would be a tad bit angled over the rest of the face, revealing jaws, cheeks and other highlights of the face.

Be welcoming with body language. Try to observe gestures people show when making friends, meeting people, new situations and adapt positively towards the camera. Where to place the arms, how to give the stance, how much of a smile to put on, how soft to open the eyes are a few areas that need to be worked on.

Mess Around with the environment

The last area to work on is, of course, the background and the equipment. Try different setups from different lights, brighter backdrops, reflective elements on the floor, anything but artificial sources often bring out the best emotions. In all, experiment in finding what suits you best with several tries and rest assured, you would become photogenic!

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