Enjoy A Good And Safe Sleep During Pregnancy

A Pregnant Woman In A Deep Sleep.

Pregnancy and Sleep

Good, long and tight sleep is important during your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a stage when your body is going through a lot of changes that you need to adjust. Many women have trouble sleeping. You will find it really hard to find a comfortable position to sleep due to changes in your body. You might feel shortness of breath or heartburn. There are chances that you may get back pain due to increased abdomen size.

Such discomforts will cause uneasiness as you try to fall into deep slumber. You will find yourself wrestling in bed or sit up for sometime to ease your discomfort. This is quite natural. You will find that a normal sleeping position will not suit you during pregnancy. It is always good that women find a comfortable position that is agreeable to their body as well.

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Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

The first trimester will be fine mostly and you may not experience much issues but as your abdomen size increases women tend to find it hard to get proper sleep. It is always advisable to sleep on your sides or SOS. It is proven that when you sleep on your left side more blood and nutrients reach the placenta. As your abdomen grows in size, you might find it uneasy so bend your and place a pillow between your legs. If you are having back pain, then place a pillow under the sides of the abdomen.

Pregnant Woman Sleeping Position.

There are umpteen discomforts experienced as you try to sleep during pregnancy. Most of you may experience heartburn while sleeping and the best remedy is to try propping up your upper body with additional pillows. Lying on your side or propped up will also reduce shortness of breath. Switching between each sides is fine as we are not used to sleeping in one position. You will have to try different positions that can help you sleep. It is good to use pillows and beds that support your weight.

Sleeping Positions You Need To Avoid

Sleeping is vital but you must ensure you don’t sleep on your back or stomach. Whether during the first trimester or the last sleeping on your stomach should be avoided as it will lead to complications in childbirth. Sleeping on your back may cause many discomforts leading to backaches, shortness of breath, haemorrhoids, digestive system and low blood pressure. It also decreases blood flow in your heart and baby. As your abdomen grows and weight increases when you lie on your back the abdomen rests on major blood vessels and intestines.

Get a good night’s sleep as you find the best position that is suitable for you and your baby. Safety of the mother and baby is at most important for a healthy pregnancy. You need to feel rested and healthy to start a fresh day. If you are not active throughout the day due to lack of health it will affect babies growth.

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