Precautions and Things To Expect After Delivery

A Smiling Mother With Her Kiddo After Delivery In Hospital.

Pregnant women undergo several changes during pregnancy and this continues even after childbirth. The weeks immediately after the delivery is called the postpartum phase. A lot of changes occur in the body during this phase. Most of the women find it difficult to manage this phase. They have to take care of the newborn while they feel weak and tired. They also find it difficult to manage the emotional and physical changes in their body. This results in depression. Thus some extreme care must be taken during the post-partum period. Proper diet, supplements and some help from others can help to manage the post-partum blues very easily. The following helps pregnant women to know about the things to expect after delivery. The precautionary measures to be taken during the postpartum period is also listed below.

Physical Changes In Your Body After Delivery

There are several physical changes your body would experience immediately after the delivery.

Constipation: Women who have just delivered their baby can suffer from constipation due to the iron supplements consumed. Some may fear the bowel movement due to their sore perineum.

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Sore Breasts: This is a common problem that every mother phases after their delivery. Your breasts start to produce milk immediately after the delivery and you must nurse your baby at regular intervals. This can cause sore breasts

Urinary incontinence: Women who undergo vaginal delivery mainly face this difficulty of controlling urine. This is due to the weakened pelvic muscles due to childbirth.

Weight-Loss: This is very common for new mothers to lose some pounds of weight immediately after their delivery. Breast-feeding is the primary reason that results in weight loss.

A Woman With Her Kid In Home.

Psychological Changes In Your Body After Delivery

Mothers who are emotionally strong find it easy to manage newborn along with their physical inabilities. But most of the women feel exhausted and depressed during the postpartum period. The following are some of the emotional changes that you can expect after delivery.

Baby Blues: Women immediately after birth feel irritated and cry for no reason. It is due to the rise in the hormone levels in your body. It is common to experience baby blues in the first few days after childbirth.

Postpartum Depression: When the effects of baby blues seem to increase then it results in postpartum depression. When new moms feel dejected, frightened, exhausted and sad in the first weeks of pregnancy then they suffer from postpartum depression. This condition must be treated with the help of medical advice.

Mood Swings: This is very common during the postpartum period as the new mom has several things to manage just after the delivery.

Anxiety and Irritability: It is obvious that a new mom is anxious about raising the baby. She also feels irritable due to lack of sleep and proper rest.

Tips To Manage The Post-Partum Period

The following tips would be of great help to manage the postpartum period very easily.

Make Use of Pads: You can expect to bleed for about six weeks immediately after your delivery. Thus you can make use of pads and avoid the use of tampons as they are prone to infection.

Offer Icepacks In Vaginal Area: You may experience pain in the vaginal area especially after a vaginal delivery. An icepack in those areas can be a great relief. You can also use warm water to clean the area between the rectum and vagina. It can also prevent infection.

Go For Sitz Bath: To get rid of the soreness in the vagina you can go for sitz bath it is nothing but sitting in warm water for some few minutes.

Take Ample Rest: Make sure that you get some ample rest after the delivery. Though it is not possible to sleep for long hours, you can change your sleep pattern. You can sleep while your baby sleeps. Make sure that you keep your baby close to you. So that it is easy for you to nurse the baby at regular intervals. Getting help from your family is important during the initial weeks after delivery.

Eat A Healthy Diet: After delivery women must continue to intake a nutritious and balanced diet. They need the energy to feed their baby. Make sure to include legumes, vegetables, grains, fruits, milk and other essential food that are rich in iron and calcium.

Keep Your Body Hydrated: Stay hydrated throughout the day. This helps a lot in combatting against fatigue and constipation.

Perform Simple Exercises: You can try out some simple stretches during the post-partum period. This can make your body flexible. You can also step out of your house for a walk.

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