What are some of the complications during pregnancy?

Complications or health problems may occur during pregnancy. It can take in baby’s health, mother’s health or both. Several women face health issues when they are pregnant, while some experience before they get pregnant and it leads to complications. If you are planning for pregnancy, it is important to obtain the best health before, during and after pregnancy to reduce the chances of complications in pregnancy.

Before pregnancy

Ensure to discuss with your physician about the health problems you are experiencing or have had long back. It is necessary to inform your physician about the treatment you are undergoing for a particular health problem. They would help you in changing the way and assist in the management of health condition. For instance, there are certain medications that are harmful and could not be taken during pregnancy. So, you have to stop the medicines for some time. There are chances of risks and complications of stopping the medicine. The health care physician would analyze and give an alternative medicine that is safe to consume even during pregnancy. If you control health issues and receive excellent prenatal care, you can easily deliver a healthy and normal baby.

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During pregnancy

Pregnancy complications and symptoms vary from annoying and mild discomforts to severe. It can sometimes remain as life-threatening illnesses. It is challenging for pregnant women to find whether the symptoms are normal or abnormal. Some common issue during pregnancy is mental and physical conditions which affectthe baby’s health or mother’s health. The problems caused can become worse or caused by being pregnant. Several problems do not develop and remain mild. But still, when it affects, it can harm the baby or the mother. Remember, there are various ways to handle problems that arise during pregnancy. Ensure to keep in touch with your healthcare provider when you have any problems during pregnancy.

Some common problems during pregnancy

Anemia: It is caused when the mother has a lower number of health RBC or red blood cells. It should not be less than the normal level. By treating anemia in an early stage, health RBC can be restored. Patients with this medical condition feel weak and tired. It can be managing by consuming folic acid and iron supplements.

Urinary tract infections: It is a common bacterial infection that is caused by the patient’s urinary tract. Some of the symptoms of UTI are pressure in the lower belly, shakiness, tiredness or fever, burning or pain when using the bathroom, back pain or nausea and urine that looks reddish or cloudy.

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