Physiotherapy for seniors: How to stay active after 50?

One of the worst things of aging is the change in physical abilities. Though our minds remain sharp, the bodies would not support to do things we have been doing all these years. Due to this, most of us would feel discouraged. It is possible to get physiotherapy and fitness services after 50. It actually helps in restoring and enhancing certain strength and mobility of your young age. Physiotherapy has a lot of benefits. It helps in preventing injuries, support restoration,and recovery and enhance mobility.

How does aging affect your physical health?

Finding problems before they become big problems is one of the important keys to maintaining good health. Certain effects of aging which can be treated using physiotherapy services include loss of confidence, less activity, decreased fitness, decreased mobility, reduced bone density, joint stiffness, and muscle weakness. Physiotherapy and physical activity in combination would enhance mental, respiratory, cardiovascular, motor, muscular and physical conditions of the body.

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What are the benefits of exercising for seniors?

Exercising is beneficial for all age groups. However, senior can experience additional benefits like reduced health issues connected with aging. It also helps in enhancing strength, balance, motor control, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. The seniors can enjoy various benefits by staying fit and active.
· Fewer difficulties of immobility like pressure sores, etc.
· Less loneliness and depression, isolation and various mental health conditions.
· Lower chances of unintentional falls by enhancing strength and balance.
· Avoidance of post-menopausal osteoporosis.
· Lower chances of developing arthritis, some cancers, coronary heart disease, stroke,and diabetes.

How physiotherapy aids seniors?

Seniors should consult physiotherapists to prevent injuries, support their independence, and enhance overall health. The physiotherapy service for seniors would include a complete assessment of their present abilities, medications and health and also treatment plan which includes exercises to encourage the rehabilitation of their bones, joints,and muscles. The physiotherapist would work with a goal to increase mobility and reduce pain. Some of the features of the physiotherapy for elders include:
· Hot or cold compress to relax tense muscles and treat acute injuries.
· Resistance training to enhance muscle strength.
· Massage, manipulations,and mobilizations of affected joints, muscles or tissues.
· Ultrasound to heal ligaments and tendons.
· Tape to support and stabilize joints and muscles.
· Lower level laser therapy for restoring and stimulating muscle strength.

Physiotherapy for seniors

Physiotherapy would not pause or stop the aging process. It can support the abilities of the seniors to maintain physical mobility and strength much longer.

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