Tips to prevent skin infections

Skin infections are caused due to bacteria. They enter and grow in a skin that is broken. They commonly travel in form of insect bites and small trauma like abrasions, scrapes, blisters,and cuts. They can vary from small infection to larger in a particular area of the skin.

If you are thinking about how to prevent and keep yourself safe from skin infections, you have to follow the below-mentioned tips and suggestions.

It is possible to prevent skin infections by caring even minor injuries immediately when it happens. Regular wound management like abrasion with water and soap or washing the cut immediately would help in a great way. It is necessary to safeguard the wound until the formation of a scab. It helps in reducing the requirement of antibiotics.
Hand hygiene or hand washing is one of the most important ways to avoid spreading of skin infections.

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How to clean your hands properly?

· Wet your hands using clean water. Apply soap. If available, you can use water for cleaning your hands.
· Rub the hands in such a way to create a lather. You should cover all the areas.
· It is recommended to rub your hands with soap for at least twenty seconds.
· Use clean water to rinse the soap.
· After thoroughly washing, dry your hands using a clean tissue paper or dry towel.

If you are not able to find water and soap for cleaning your hands, you can use a sanitizer that is alcohol based. It can be used if it is permitted in your athletic club or school. It is simple to use alcohol-based sanitizer. You have to apply the product in the palm and rub the hands together. You need to rub until it hands get dry.

How to prevent yourself from skin infections?

When you have a scrap, cut or abrasion, wash it thoroughly and immediately with soap water. Protect the wound using a band-aid. It is best to carry skin cleanser so as to maintain the wound clean.

If you have a serious skin problem like psoriasis or eczema, you have to visit your health practitioner and ask ways for maintaining the skin when you are traveling.

Avoid waxing, shaving,and tattooing while traveling.
Do not share personal items like towels and razors.
Do not scratch insect bites. It is best to use oral antihistamines as it helps to reduce itching.
Prevent insect bites.
Seek medical assistance when you see signs of possible skin infection. It includes pus, swelling, tenderness or redness and also when infection appears close to the original injury.

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