Understanding The Skin And The Science That Heals It – Dermatology

Skin is not the only the largest organ of a human body; it is also the most vital sensory one. It is why it is essential to take the highest care of it. Yet, with our busy lives, we tend to ignore it the most. At other times, we are just not aware of what it takes to care for it properly. And there are still other instances when our care alone is not enough.

For such circumstances, the need for a specialist is required. A person who is trained to heal skin and make it come back to its natural self is known as a dermatologist. Dermatology, on the other hand, is a branch of medicine. It deals with:

• Care of skin
• Care of hair
• Care of nails

Within dermatology come various sub-categories such as:

• Core Dermatology which deals with skin diseases
• Cosmetology which treats the appearance of skin
• Trichology which studies hair disorders
• Dermatosurgery which is the practice of skin surgeries

It is important to note that dermatology is inclusive of medical practices and the surgical aspects that generate from it.

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A Career In Dermatology And Its Specialisations

In current times, the branch of dermatology is considered as one of the best in the medical field. Not only that it also has the highest satisfaction level in doctors of all kinds. These two reasons make it a worthwhile career option. Furthermore, in India, the average person is just getting aware of their skin needs which mean the demand for dermatologists is high. And because not many medical students choose skin as a speciality in the past, the supply of dermatologist is low.

All in all, an individual who decides to become a skin specialist will have immense opportunity to open their private practice and expand with time.

When it comes to specialising in a sub-division of dermatology, the opportunities are wide open too. The decision should factor in your interest and the area you want to practice in. For example, if you live in a metropolis cosmetology would be an ideal choice. But if the aim is to become a surgeon, then dermatosurgeon speciality would be better. Another area that has seen a lot of growth in recent times is hair transplantation. You can even choose that as your super-speciality within dermatology.

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