What It Takes To Be Dermatologist In India?

Like any other specialised profession, dermatology also requires a set of minimum qualifications. For any individual, hoping to practice in this field, here are the steps you will have to follow:

• First, you will have to pass the MBBS entrance exam. After which you will have to complete the five- and half-year degree.

• Once you have crossed the MBBS course, you will sit for the Post Graduate Entrance Examination. Here it gets a bit tricky because the branch you study further is dependent on the rank you get in the exam.

• Each candidate is called in for counselling, and on the basis of the entrance exam position, an MD course is allotted to them.

• If you get Dermatology as your branch, you will have to complete a three-year course.

• After this, you will have to get the required registration from the Medical Council of India.
After this point, you can practice dermatology. The choice of selecting a private hospital, government job or personal practice is open to you.

It has to be noted that the science and art of dermatology in India still follows Western medicine. It means that even after a doctor starts practicing, they will have to keep learning. Why? Because the international methodologies India has been using are under review. We are redesigning these guidelines so that they suit the populace of the nation better.

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Essentially, dermatology is shifting to Indian dermatology. Any doctor who wants to be successful and premier in the field will need to keep up with these transitions. To further strengthen their science and ability, they will have to:

• Read up on all latest scientific researches

• Explore the historical data India has on dermatology because there is proof that we have had knowledge of the field for over millennia. Evidence of it resides in the pumice-like stones which were utilised in ancient India and are displayed in the Calcutta Museum. Another proof is visible on the carvings of Konark Temple that show methods of fumigation.

• Not brand every old and traditional concept in the field as obsolete. It there are mentions of skin care in old and revered texts like the Rig-Veda, there has to be some gravitas to them. Therefore, current dermatologists will need to find a way to merge the modern practices with ancient ones.

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