What is dermatology?

A dermatologist is a medical expert whom you should consult when you have any significant skin problems. Dermatology is the science which focuses on treatment and diagnoses of diseases of nails, skin,and hair.

Who gets affected by skin disease?

It is well known that skin is the most visible and largest body part. It showcases the health status of the body. Moreover, the skin acts as a blockade against bacteria and injury. Skin diseases are caused to most people at an unexpected time. It affects mostly all people like the elderly, adults, teenagers, children and infants.

Common skin disorders

Some common skin diseases include

· Hand dermatitis resulting due to external contact with household chemicals and detergents. It affects mostly women.
· Acne is experienced by every teenager.
· Psoriasis is a serious skin disorder which affects the majority of New Zealanders.
· Dermatitis
· Fungal infections
· Warts
· Skin cancer
· Atopic eczema that mostly affects children
· Cold sores or herpes simplex

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What are the training offered to dermatologists?

Dermatologists are also similar to medical doctors. In order to become a dermatologist, they need to complete the dermatologist course in a medical school. The duration of this course is six years. They have to complete general medical training course for the first three to four years and later get specialized in dermatology.

The advanced dermatology training programme involves four years of comprehensive research, study and practice in various approved training centers in the country. Totally, an experienced dermatologist would spend a minimum of thirteen years on education and training.

What are the activities performed by dermatologists?

Experience dermatologists usually perform several activities like meeting patients in private practices and in public clinics or hospitals, act as advisors to other specialists, indulging into basic or clinical research and teaching.
It is mandatory for the dermatologists to gain experience in basic science like endocrinology, physiology, physics, biochemistry, pathology,and microbiology. They have to familiar with our medical areas due to their consultant job and also because skin ailments are mostly connected with internal conditions.

Dermatologists also do skin surgery in various situations:

· To provide or prevent the disease in an early stage, for example, removing skin cancer.
· To enhance the appearance of the skin by removing discolorations, growths or damage caused due to disease, sunlight or aging.
· To create a definite diagnosis like a biopsy.

Sun protection

Sun protection is important as it helps in reducing signs of photodamage and conditions like skin cancer.

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