How Massage Helps Hospitalized Persons?

Massage is not only a relaxation and rejuvenation treatment but also serves for hospitalized persons. Sri Devi Hospital recommends massage therapies from River Day Spa for their patients. Touch therapy like reflexology and massage is playing an important role in hospitals around the world. Hospitals in Britain are using massage therapy along with conventional medicine. Here in this blog, let us look how massage therapy is joined with orthodox medicine at different hospital scenarios.

How massage helps the patient?
If you are suffering from chronic pain or other kinds of illness, you can relax your body and mind by taking massage therapy. Nowadays, it is simple to get massage therapy. You can become a member in an exclusive day spa and get best massage. When you sign up, you can get discounts and offers whenever you get treatment. There are numerous massage and spa like River Day Spa, SanjeevanamAyurvedicCenter, Body and Mind Massage center, etc. It is important to choose a reputed and professional spa and massage clinic. Do not approach just because they offer cheap massage.

www.centerpointmassage.comis experienced in offering Thai body massage. When you enter a massagecenter, you can see the menu. You need to choose one that caters your requirements. If you are confused which to choose, you can consult a therapist. They will help in finding the best treatment for your medical condition.

Patients who have writhed with respiratory failure, head injuries and have been on ventilator are recommended to take massage. It helps them to recover their body image and face major surgery. Massage offers several benefits to patients. It improves the blood flow, stimulate circulation, reduces blood pressure, increase blood circulation and aids in relaxation. Senior massage therapist in Royal Free Hospital in London provides massage for critical care patients. She said that massage offers a psychological boost for patients who have been staying in the hospital for long time. She added that when one of their massage therapists enters the patient’s room, the patient is seen bright and happy. They prefer to get soothing massage especially when they stay in long time within a cosy room. It helps the patient to manage their illness and come out of it in quick time.

The evidence:
Some researchers did a study on patients regarding massage therapy. They conducted research at Royal Berkshire Hospital NHS Trust. Their research was conducted to find out the effects of aromatherapy oil massage and massage on patients admitted to the serious care unit. They want to see whether massage alleviates their stress and anxiety.

About one hundred and twenty-two patients were selected and given either bed rest, aromatherapy massage or massage. Each of the patientswere assessed after and before therapy sessions. The results showed that patients who were given aromatherapy massage looked more positive and less anxious after the treatment. It was an immediate result.

Another study was conducted and the results were published in a journal – Complimentary Therapies in Medicine. The researchers examined the physiological and psychological consequences of aromatherapy after cardiac surgery. Moreover, a randomised controlled test was performed to find out the effects of massage and aromatherapy on post-cardiac procedure patients.

The patients were given foot massages without or with essential oils. The results were determined at the end of the session. It was found that patients experienced excellent psychological benefits and it was seen only in patients who received massage. Their results were compared to patients who did not get aromatherapy massage or massage.

Nowadays, several hospitals are incorporating massage to the patients. It is given within the hospital environment. The hospitals would tie up with leading massage therapist or day spa and they provide regular massage to the patients. They would consult their physician, decide the type of massage to be given and then perform massage.

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Mental health
Massage helps the patient to experience improved mental health. It is ideal for people who are suffering from panic attacks and anxiety. The massage will relax their body and mind. Several practitioners claim that patients can get better mental relaxation through massage. It can be combined with medicinal treatments.

Some people have low self-worth or self-esteem. They live without any confidence. These symptoms are usually seen in mental health patients. Massage serves as a useful for raising one’s self-worth. The therapist would concentrate on treating the body sensitively. They do with lot of care and respect. For example, if the patient is a victim of sexual abuse or violence, the massage help to improve their poor body image.

At present, only a few therapists are offering massage to psychiatric patients. In Sri Devi Hospital, there is a full-time massage therapist for patients.

During childbirth, it is good to massage women on their feet, hands and lower back. This way, they can reduce intake of drugs. Massage helps to stimulate endorphins also called as natural painkillers present in our body. The touch sensation in massage triggers sensory nerves and thereby increases the oxytocin levels. It is a hormone that aids in contraction of uterus during labour. You do not have to take medicines further when this hormone is activated.

Massage helps to relieve physical, emotional and anxiety symptoms like cancer pain mainly from lymphedema. It is a painful and common consequence of breast cancer which results bulge in the arms.

Patients facing operations:
Massage offer relief from anxiety and nervous irritability since aromatherapy massage functions on the smell system or olfactory system. As you breathe in some essential oils, it helps to relax your central nervous system. When you relax, respiration remains deeper and slower.

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