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If you suffer from Asthma and happen to get dumped by your girl friend, you could end up in the emergency room because you check your Facebook. At least, that’s what happened to a young man.

Because he was dumped, the young man’s ex-girl friend unfriended him. The man created a second profile on Facebook and friended his ex-girlfriend.

Discovering how many young men his ex-girl friend had friended triggered the man to have an Asthma episode. The attack was serious enough that it caused him to wind up in the emergency room.

The man was already an Asthma patient, and was taking two seperate steroid inhalers to try to keep it in control. Apparently seeing how fast his ex-girlfriend was moving on, was too emotional for the young man.

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Doctors don’t suggest avoiding Facebook if you happen to have asthma. One case is not enough to accuse Facebook. Besides, this could just as quickly happen if the man had been made aware of the news at a local club.

That is kind of a funny story. We all are aware how uncomfortable it is to get your heart stomped on, but to let it ruin our life. That’s a little severe.

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