Best Paint Shades for Hospital Walls

It is well known that room colors influence human behavior. Several studies have proved that our moods and emotions are affected by the surrounding colors. Some colors offer a smoothing effect while some have chances to remain aggressive. No matter, you are designing a hospital or clinic, ensure to add perfect colors to your walls. The effects of color remain as a fascinating phenomenon from interior designers to psychologists.

When you are painting the walls, you have to remain careful about the color combinations and its effects. It is necessary to make a right choice. Hospitals consist of numerous rooms like patient’s room, staff room, waiting room, reception space, laboratory and more. You need to decide right shades for each and every room. You cannot choose any color you wish.

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It is recommended to approach an interior designer since they know how the color and furniture blends well. You cannot paint a hospital room witha same shade of your living room. It is difficult for the patients to adjust according to bright colors instead of blue, green or white shades. A hospital is a place that conveys a feeling of peace and calm. It is important to manage this atmosphere with right color tones. Keenly notice the walls and decide what colors can be used.

70337-10469352Most hospitals are painted using colors like blue, green and white. It is found that these colors have extraordinary psychological effects and that is why they are widely suggested for hospital rooms. White color is commonly used in majority of hospital walls. It is because it offers calm and peace mood to the visitors. The second reason to choose white color is it denotes cleanliness. It makes the patient feel assured and implies sterility. It is the reason most nurses and doctors wear white uniforms.

Green and blue are best refreshing and relaxing colors. It promotes peaceful atmosphere and encourages concentration. Feng-shui experts, psychologists and designers tend to consider colors like green and blue as it makes to feel more balanced, less emotional and calmer.

Green offers calming effects to the nerves. Psychiatric wards and hospital waiting rooms are usually painted in green color. It is the reason surgeons wear green clothes. When children in pain were made to rest in hospital rooms (light blue painted hospital rooms), the doctors were able to see improved healing effect.

When a patient enters a hospital, they should see an atmosphere that makes them feel calm and reassured.

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