Significance Of Neurological Physiotherapists In Rehabilitation

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Defining Neurological Physiotherapy

Neuro physiotherapy, a therapeutic intervention, treats persons who are suffering from neurological disorders due to illness, traumas or neurological issues that may affect nerves, brain and spinal cord. More than one intervention technique is involved in restoring the good health of patients who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis or stroke. A Top neurosurgeon operating in chennai recommends neuro physiotherapy to restore impaired functions and systems that control motor skills of the body.

Neuro Physiotherapy utilizes techniques that involve exercises that will help to restore motor functions and control lost due to nervous disorders. The exercises help to strengthen nerves and muscles and encourage response through movements. Tapping, passive stretching, brushing, joint compression, cryotherapy and vibration therapy are some of the exercises used in neuro physiotherapy. These exercises are based on the Rood Approach, a model of reflex and motor control.

Tapping: A lighter force manually applied over a muscle or tendon to help voluntary contractions and assess the reflex activity of a muscle.
Passive stretching: Prolonged, fast, and maintained passive stretching are the three methods that help in the short contraction of the muscle.
Brushing: This is a method that involves fast movements on the skin that overlies the muscle.
Joint compression: Heavy compression and light compression are two methods of joint compression that help in stabilizing joints manually by stimulation.
Cryotherapy: In this method, ice packs are used to relieve pain and heal joints and muscles from pain.
Vibration therapy: This method helps to reduce the spasm of muscles in patients with neurological disorders.

Various Physiotherapy Exercises For Neuro Patients.

Need For Neuro Physiotherapists

Neuro physiotherapists support patients who have disabilities or injuries or congenital disabilities that affect nerves, spinal cord and the brain resulting in loss of movement or other damages in the body. Neuro physiotherapy helps patients who have neurological issues or unforeseen injuries. It prevents deterioration of muscles and helps in increasing the muscle’s strength. When a body part is not used for a certain period, atrophy may start in muscles. Neurological impairment may cause loss of control that may prevent patients from carrying out simple tasks in life, such as taking a bath, difficulty in holding vessels, or getting dressed. Neuro physiotherapists help patients in improving muscle control and improve their way of life.

Patients with brain injuries or strokes may have difficulty in maintaining their balance and have problems walking. Neuro physiotherapists help them to recover their lost stamina and walk again. Similarly, they can train people with physical disabilities to use their wheelchairs and crutches with ease so that they can move from one place to another on their own. Neurologists in Chennai refer neuro physiotherapists for their patients who suffer movement related disorders due to problems in the neuromuscular or nervous systems. Uncontrolled spasms of muscles, weakness in muscles, lack of coordination and balance can happen due to the conditions mentioned above. Stroke, multiple sclerosis, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease and neurological disorders related to body functions are the most common neurological issues.

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Benefits of Neurological Physiotherapy

Check Out – About the patients who can gain benefits of neurophysiotherapy. When a patient suffers from an illness or an injury or a defect that may affect the nervous system or the brain or the spine, the neurologist in Chennai may suggest physiotherapy by neuro physiotherapists for quick recovery. Brain injury or spinal injury or strokes that are acute may need neuro physiotherapy in the hospital. Depending on the symptoms, the neuro physiotherapist in the hospital will do a comprehensive assessment of the patient and adapt a treatment program that will suit the needs of the patient.

The physiotherapy treatment in the hospital may include limb exercises, bed exercises, breathing and circulation exercises, tailored exercises, splinting and positioning, mobilization, and mobility aids. After the neuro physiotherapy treatment in the hospital, the traumatized patients can visit rehabilitation clinics for follow-up. With a specific home exercise program, hands-on therapies, and some specific recommended exercises, the rehabilitation program will help them to lead a healthy life without depending on others. Not only patients, but their family members may also see the difference. By assisting the patients in regaining both control and movement of their muscles and limbs, neuro physiotherapists help not only patients but also their family members to lead healthy lives.

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