Physical therapy for tennis elbow

Physiotherapist Working With Patient In Clinic.

Tennis elbow is a condition that is commonly found in people who are playing sports such as tennis or squash. People who are doing the activities that often involve gripping and twisting, for example, turning a screwdriver are also susceptible to these conditions. They usually heal themselves with ice packs, rest, and little medications. But if the pain does not subside, your doctor is most likely to suggest you to a physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy and the tennis elbow treatment

Physiotherapy can improve the strength and flexibility of your forearm muscles. The therapies can aid in improving the blood flow to the tendons, which sometimes lack in the supply of oxygen. Your physiotherapist may teach you the ways to improve your tennis strokes or other activities that are troubling your elbow. The exercises may improve the blood flow to the tendons and subsequently aid in the healing process.

Physiotherapy procedures

Pain relief

Your physiotherapist may begin the treatment with pain relief, followed by exercises that stretches and strengthens your muscles. The therapist may try to relieve your pain by techniques like Ice massage, Muscle stimulation, Tape, straps or braces for support. He may advise the ways to rest your elbows.

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The next step towards healing is the exercises. However, the time taken to heal depends on the severity of your symptoms. It might take up to 8 weeks or longer. The following activities must be repeated on your therapist’s advice. If the pain persists on because of the persistent exercise, it is advisable to stop it, because overdoing training might end up in causing more damages. Let us go through some of the practices that a physiotherapist might advise you.

Finger stretch

A simple exercise with minimum gears, the finger stretch requires you to hold your fingers together using a rubber band. You should open and close your fingers within the constraint for about 25 times. Repeat this exercise three times a day.

Ball squeezing

Hold a tennis ball or a softball in your hand. Repeat the squeeze and release ball exercise for 25 times.

A Person Doing Exercises.

Wrist stretch

Flexor stretch: The therapist may ask you to stretch your arm straight with the palm facing up. With the support of the other hand, hold the stretched out fingers and bend it towards the inner forearm. Repeat this for three to five times.

Extensor Stretch: Same as the above, the only difference is that the palm is facing down and the fingers are bent towards the outer forearm.

Wrist Turn

Hold out your hands at 90 degrees with palms facing downwards. Keep the posture for about 15 seconds and repeat the same for two to three times.

Forearm Strengthening

This exercise requires you to use dumbbells. Follow the instructions of your physiotherapist while doing this strengthening exercise.

Once your elbow is all healed, it is recommended to continue the exercises to keep your muscles healthy and flexible. Talk to your physiotherapist to know the best ways to keep your elbow working without any problems.

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