How Should Hospital Employees Perform ESI Registration?

Hospital Employees Perform ESI Registration

Employee State Insurance (ESI) is a scheme which offers health insurance to employees who are working in a company. The scheme also provides medical benefits to the families of employees who are registered with ESI. The following details the procedure for ESI registration for people who are working in hospitals.

Any employer who runs a company with more than ten employees should register the employees with ESI registration. The registration procedure varies for the employer and the employee of the hospital. The employer once an employee joins work in any of the hospitals, should fill the form 1 and submit it to the employer. A family photo should also be submitted along with the form. The form and the photos would be submitted in the ESI office by the employee.

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In 3 months, the employees of the hospital who submit the Form-1 would receive an ID with photo, and it carries an identification number to identify the employee under the ESI scheme. This registration can be transferred even if the employee switches to another company or hospital.

The company should submit the PAN of the owner of the company, proof of address of the company, list of employees, the digital signature of the directors of the company.

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