Physiotherapy And Massage Therapy

A Woman During Her Physiotherapy Session.

Ailments That Affects The Mobility

There are several diseases and injuries that affect the mobility of a human body. Ailments that cause paralysis of the whole or partial body are heart attack and brain stroke. Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease also causes issues in mobility. Several injuries caused due to accidents can also be the reason for pain and stiffness. There are remedies for such ailments like physiotherapy and massage therapy.

Each of these services have specific purposes. Massage therapy is commonly done for immediate relaxation of muscle spasms and pain. Whereas physiotherapy is the science of rehabilitation. Physiotherapists are required to complete a master’s degree from a government recognized institute. A massage therapist must hold a certification in massage therapy apart from the master’s degree. You need to analyse your condition with a health care provider in order to make the right decision of whether to consult a massage therapist or physiotherapist.

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When Do You Need A Physiotherapy

When you have pain or an ongoing condition that requires long term management. Physiotherapy is what you need when you experience lack of motion caused by pain. The pain could be due to a medical condition or accident. Doctors will recommend physiotherapy to patients after recuperating from a surgery like hip and knee replacement. When you want to be more active but you feel that you need better motion, you can consult a physiotherapist. Physiotherapy can also help you learn how to prevent injuries. If you are looking to increase your body motion or manage an existing condition, physiotherapy is most advisable.

A Physiotherapist Work With Woman Legs.

Physiotherapists assess individual needs and device individual exercise programs to treat the specific need. The exercise programs aim at strengthening muscles, increasing blood flow and joint mobilization. They mostly aim at reducing pain, stiffness and increasing mobility. For patients with shortness of breath or asthma, physiotherapists device the airway clearance method. Pelvic floor exercises treat incontinence. There are treatments available for arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fractures, neck and back pains, and sports injuries.

When Do You Need A Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a treatment given to the soft tissues of our body including joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and other connective tissues. When you need immediate relief from pain and other discomfort you can resort to massage therapy. Massage therapies are most useful when you need to relieve from joint and muscle pains or relax your tired muscles and limbs. You can also resort to massage therapy when you need an overall relaxation from a high stress level and improve your posture.

Massage therapies can help you relieve chronic pain conditions in the joint and muscles caused by occupation or intense workout. Everyday massages can be administered to relieve from pain instantly. Massaging services can be availed from massage clinics, hospitals, private consultants, health spa, community health clinics, chiropractic clinics and long term care facilities. Apart from reducing the stress and pain, massage therapies also improve sleep, relieves headache and improves blood circulation.

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