Simple Ways to Keep Pests Away from Healthcare Facilities

600x300_hospitalroomIt is recommended to control pests from the external environment. As winter is ending, you would see trees, flowers and plants around your hospital or healthcare facility getting back to life. If you are an environmental services director, you may plan a new spring landscaping program to handle the rising temperature.

Landscaping plays an important role for overall presence of the hospital. It can hugely attract and offer harborage for pests. It is the time where pests actively engage in search of food, shelter and water. It would start from the outdoors and slowly enter your hospital campus. When you make some landscaping plans, it remains inviting for pests to enter inside. Landscaping helps in a great way for pest control management program. Here listing ways and tips to keep the pests far away from your hospital. Remember, these practices come under IPM (Integrated Pest Management) program. It concentrates on proactive sanitation and facility management throughout the hospital campus to avoid occurrence of pest infestations.

These practices work best against pests like cockroaches, flies and ants. Integrated Pest Management programs remain effective for healthcare and hospital facilities since they are customizable. They do not completely depend on chemical treatments. The pest control professionals use chemicals only as a final resort. They would choose high target treatments if they cannot control pests even after chemical treatment.

Know the dangers of flowers
During this time, the flowers would fully bloom and you can see beautiful flowers in most flower beds. Remember, the flower beds have chances to attract pests. Brightly colored and fragrant flowers attract flying pests and bees. It is recommended to plant fewer flowering plants to reduce pests on your hospital environment.

nurse-outside-with-2-elderly-patients-300x200Create some separation
Tree limbs and bushes that clash against your hospital facility can attract crawling pests. It remains as a bridge to enter inside. It is necessary to develop a buffer to stop them or prevent away. Cut down vegetables about two feet from the hospital building. If possible, ensure to install thirty-inch gravel strip nearby the boundary of your building. You could see theunevensurface and it controls and keeps away pests like cockroaches and ants from approaching. It also rejects rodents as it does not like to develop or grow in the open.

Fortify your facility
Seal any openings or cracks with mesh and weather-resistant sealant to stop rodents and insects from sneaking through. It is best to install weather stripping throughout windows and doors.

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